Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sick of Blogs With No Answers about Making Money Online!

I've grown pretty tired of viewing other " Make Money Online" blogs, websites, and articles. Most of them are all the same with the same basic information consumed and regurgitated to draw in new visitors. While it seems to prove as an effective business model for some I'm growing tired of seeing this type of site. It's commonplace, just type in "make money online" you will notice a large growing number of sites whose blogs or pages don't depend on good content, they rely on simple filler text and articles to persuade their readers into viewing their pages and increasing ad revenue. They want their text to be plain and boring for a reason. SO THAT YOU THE VISITOR CLICKS THE ADS! That's not what we are trying to do here at Money on My Mind and Online. We do try and create ad revenue and get our pages viewed, however this is an experiment. Can you really make money online with no initial investment other than your time? I'm going to keep trying and suggest you do the same!  And finally to lighten the mood here's a picture of a kitten! :()
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