Saturday, February 25, 2012

Making Money Online with Cha Cha!

Another way to earn cash online easily. Sign up to be a guide at Cha Cha. The texting service which sends you an answer for any question you have. You have to be at least 18 years old, but other than that all the training you need is provided in their very explanatory Cha Cha videos. You start by filling out their application, training at Cha Cha University, and finally taking the test to become a Cha Cha vetter. While at first the pay doesn't look too promising. However, the chance to apply for higher paying jobs is great. They have gurus, specialists, generalists, transcribers, etc. There's always room for improvement at Cha Cha. I will update again with screenshots once I get accepted to Cha Cha! Again this doesn't seem like this will pay for everything, but with a hundred dollars from Mechanical Turk a month and hundred dollars from Cha Cha a month, you can knock out a phone bill and another bill easily! Here's the link to become a Cha Cha guide:
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  1. Might want to spell ChaCha right if you're going to work there. :)