Friday, February 24, 2012

Money on My Mind and Online Updated!

To make this blog a little more appealing I've added a few new things. I have added the revolver world map so you can see where all the visitors that view the site are from on a globe. I have also added the money backround and set up a font that's a little easier on the eyes. I considered buying my own domain, yet this seems like a bad idea at this point. I've made money online without putting any of my own my money out yet so I'd like to keep it that way. But when I do make purchases to update my blog or for other online ventures I will let you know, but I will only use money that I have made from my online ventures. Any outside money would make this experiment, well, less fun. But not only would this experiment be less fun, it wouldn't allow you guys to repeat these steps and do them yourselves. I just don't see using your own money from your job to be a good idea. The idea is to make money online out of nothing and see if it can be done. Hey and if your interested in receiving updates, new tips, and ideas subscribe in the right sidebar.
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