Friday, February 24, 2012

Blogging For Money Online!

I'm new to this facet of making money online, however it seems as if everyone says they make money this way. So I thought I'd start my own blog about how I try and make money online and share my progress, so that I can hopefully be successful in my ventures, but also so you can repeat the things I do and make some money yourself. I got really sick of reading vague e-how articles about how to make money online or blogs about it. I wanted something with real answers and showed real progress, so like people always say, "If you want something done right,do it yourself." Well here's what I did. I made this blog using blogger. I think its an easy tool thats easy to link with my gmail account and other google accounts. I'm not really sure how to get any other advertisements besides using google adsense so that's what I'm choosing to do. Adsense basically works by reading your blog and provides similar advertisements on your page where you choose. You will receive payment when people click on these ads. And the amount per click can vary greatly depending on the advertisement, the popularity, and a vast other number of things. However getting views to your page and clicks on the advertisements will make you money. However you must start and make a few posts before you start adsense, otherwise your account won't be approved. But when you do get approved its easy to see on your blogger account and you will easily be able to track your earnings hits and views for your page. I'll include a screenshot of my blogger view so you can see how easy it is. Also I have only had nine hits to my site so far, but I will show you my current statistics, and will post updates as time goes on and my site gains more popularity. I will show you my statistics and when my adsense is approved I will post as soon as I make any money.
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